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Preventing Breast Cancer

  ***The following post was written by Dr. John Fetting at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.   Another successful Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming to a close. We have raised the national consciousness, encouraged screening, touted the benefits of treatment, celebrated an ever-growing number of survivors, and honored those who fought bravely but(...)

Cancer News Review – Sniffing Out Cancer, New Melanoma Drug, Genes for Aggressive Cancer and Smoking-Related Bladder Cancer

This month, Kimmel Cancer Center director William Nelson reviewed four major cancer research stories ranging from pets that sniff out cancer to a reminder of the dangers of cigarette smoking. The first story is one that has been reported for several years.  A variety of reports have shown that dogs can detect cancer in people(...)

Lung Cancer: Still the Top Cancer Killer

Recent news of the full results of the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) published in the New England Journal of Medicine underscores the heavy toll that lung cancer takes on many lives.  It's still the deadliest of all cancers.  For Phyllis Curtis, who had enrolled in the trial at Johns Hopkins, the trial and screening(...)

Top Cancer News

This month, in Dr. Bill Nelson's Cancer News Review podcast, you'll hear about cell phone hazards, breast and prostate cancer prevention drugs, and screening for ovarian cancer. The World Health Organization recently listed cell phones as a probable cause of certain cancers.  There is a persistent worry that cell phones may have health hazards, and Nelson(...)

A Cancer Prevention Diet

Last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture replaced its traditional food pyramid with a new "plate icon" to help direct consumers on how to eat a healthy, balanced meal.  It turns out that an emphasis on fruits and vegetables can also be helpful in preventing cancer. In one segment of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer(...)

Cell Phones and Cancer

This isn't a new story, nor one that has a definitive answer.  Public health and other experts are still trying to sort out any link between cell phones and brain cancer, and now, the World Health Organization (WHO) has added radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones and other devices to a list of "possible" carcinogens.  Jonathan(...)

When Cancer Empathy Runs Deep

***This post is written by Judith Minkove, editor of Inside Hopkins and senior writer at Johns Hopkins Medicine. On any given day, as many as 170 patients pour into Weinberg 2’s outpatient infusion center for cancer treatments or blood products. Another 100 come in for follow-up visits. One by one, patients are escorted back to one(...)

Walkers Stay Strong on Day 2

Elissa Bantug, breast cancer survivor and blogger, is walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Washington, D.C.  This is Day 2 of updates and photos.  She's almost there, so cheer her on! Elissa's Updates: 6:22 AM  The sun is raising over Wellness Village.  It was a chilly night for the campers.  Many are(...)

Walk 40 Miles in My Shoes

This weekend, blogger and breast cancer survivor Elissa Bantug is walking nearly 40 miles in Washington, D.C. at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  She's there with survivors, friends, family and others sharing their support.  Stay tuned to see updates and photos from Elissa at the event. Saturday, April 30, 2011: Updates from Elissa at the Avon(...)

Communicating Cancer Messages

I'm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina this week attending the annual meeting of Cancer Center public affairs, marketing and development professionals.  There are more than 200 of us gathering to discuss best practices in our fields, including communicating cancer messages to the media and general public. I'm giving a talk to professionals who are new(...)