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Our Cancer blog finds a new home

Patients, caregivers, friends, family, doctors, nurses and researchers...we're proud to introduce a new blog in the Johns Hopkins family.  The Our Cancer blog, authored by Laurie Singer Sievers and previously hosted by National Public Radio (NPR), has a new home here.

Johns Hopkins is a natural landing spot for Our Cancer.  It was here that Laurie's husband, Leroy, battled colon cancer and blogged his experience on NPR's My Cancer.  Leroy and Ted Koppel, a long-time friend and colleague of the Sievers,' produced a Discovery Channel program called Living with Cancer, and during the taping of the program's segments at Johns Hopkins, was where I first met Laurie.

Laurie has produced news programs for the major television networks for more than 40 years, and she's got a life's worth of stories from her experiences covering the world.  But it's the cancer journey as Leroy's caregiver that she's talking about now on Our Cancer.  Where Leroy's My Cancer blog ended when he died is when Laurie began blogging on Our Cancer.  Reading both blogs, I've cried, laughed, questioned, and reminisced, but one thing's for sure -- Leroy and Laurie have touched our lives like no other pair.  And we're glad -- no, honored that we are hosting the Our Cancer blog.

We have a lot to learn from and share with the Cancer Matters and Our Cancer blog communities.  Please join me in welcoming Laurie -- you can subscribe to receive rss feeds or emails with updates on new posts.  Let the discussion begin!

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