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What’s Your Colon Cancer IQ?

March is colon cancer awareness month. How much do you know about protecting yourself against colon cancer? As Dr. Luis Diaz of the Kimmel Cancer Center says, “No one should die from this disease.” Yet, colon cancer is the 3rd most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the US, and the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in men and women, combined.*  What can you do to protect yourself?

Get screened. Eat healthy foods. Cut out the salt -- that’s a tough one for some of us. Watch your weight and exercise!

Colon Cancer IQ Test

Question: What's the best screening tool to detect colon cancer in its earliest, most treatable stage?
Answer: Colonoscopy

Question: At what age do you need to begin having colonoscopies to screen for colon cancer?
Answer: Regular colonoscopies should begin at age 50 and possibly even earlier if there’s a history of colon cancer in your family.  The American Cancer Society lists screening guidelines for several cancers, including colorectal.

Question: Name one colon cancer research project at Johns Hopkins.
Answer: Scientists are working on a blood test that detects colon cancer and many other exciting discoveries happen each day that have changed the way we treat colon cancer today.  Read about: Building the Best GI Program and A Genetic Revolution

Question: How long does it take for a pre-cancerous colon polyp to become deadly?
Answer: Colon cancer starts as a series of genetic changes that take 20-30 years, in general, to become deadly.  So, get screened!

If you answered:
1 correctly - Keep reading this blog!  Get educated about cancer.
2-3 correctly - You're on the way to a healthy colon IQ.
4 correctly - Bravo!  You're a colon cancer wiz!


*American Cancer Society