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Engineering Cures

I entered uncharted territory when I began the feature story for the latest issue of the Kimmel Cancer Center's magazine Promise & Progress.  I was unaware that Johns Hopkins engineers had joined our cancer experts in the fight against cancer and equally unaware of the great body of work that was coming from this new kind of cancer collaboration.  With just a basic understanding of the principles of engineering, I was a kid in a candy story of science. We are talking amazing feats of technology, such as Kinect gaming systems used in cancer treatment, robots with snakelike devices that can get inside bones and dig out tumors, light-emitting cancer cells, blood cells transformed into heart cells, cancer-drug filled nanoparticles, and so much more.

I invite you to read the new issue to get a glimpse of some of these innovative approaches to cancer treatment and explore, for yourself, this exciting new world of cancer science and medicine.