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Cancer News Review

In this month's Cancer News Review podcast, Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Director Bill Nelson discusses the nation's top stories on cancer.

First, Nelson discusses the issues surrounding whole genome sequencing to predict development of disease. Then, he explains how the HPV vaccine works and why it's important for young people to be vaccinated. Finally, the podcast concludes with a discussion on a study of women with uterine fibroids and concerns over a specific surgical procedure and the spread of cancer cells that could be contained in the fibroids.

Program notes:

0:29 23 and Me
1:32 Do use these tests clinically
2:31 May be misinterpreted or misused
3:31 Companion diagnostic to drugs
4:31 Worried well and genome assessment
5:25 HPV vaccine uptake
6:25 Concern over carte blanche for sexual activity
7:00 Morcellation of uterine fibroids
8:00 Dissemination of cancerous cells
9:00 Concern over any surgery of cancer
10:09 End