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Cancer Matters Home Prevention/Screening Healthy Living Starts at Baltimore’s Northeast Market

Healthy Living Starts at Baltimore’s Northeast Market

Healthy living was the theme of June 18th’s Day at the Market event held at Northeast Market on Monument Street in East Baltimore.

Cooking presentation by Chef Gayle Owens

The bimonthly event brings together Johns Hopkins nurses and other clinicians, safety experts, and others to interact and to share information with Baltimore citizens on simple things they can do to prevent cancer and other diseases.  Today’s event featured a cooking presentation by Chef Gayle Owens, who showed visitors to the market how to make a healthy meal (see the recipe) for under $3!  The event also featured the unveiling of a new video screen that provides easy-to-follow tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Director, Dr. Bill Nelson, attended the event and praised Maryland and Baltimore City elected officials for their dedication to the health of its citizens.  He reminded visitors of a dark day in 1990, when Maryland made national news as the state with the highest cancer death rates in the nation.  The dismal report led to the Maryland Council on Cancer Control and the Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund, which helps fund the Day at the Market Program.  As a result of these dedicated efforts, which includes funding for Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center and Bloomberg School of Public Health cancer researchers, Maryland now ranks 30th in the nation for cancer deaths, and these rates continue to go down.   Dr. Nelson said this Maryland success story is the model for managing—and one day eradicating—cancer.

Baltimore City Council President Jack Young and Councilman Carl Stokes also attended the event.

Healthy Living was the theme of Northeast Market Day.