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Cancer News Review

In this month's cancer news review podcast, Dr. William Nelson, director of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, discusses top cancer stories on a new bladder cancer center announced at Johns Hopkins, liver cancer on the rise, cancer cells in tumors and more.

First, Dr. Nelson speaks on the announcement of a new bladder cancer institute at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.  He explains the significance of bladder cancer and the need to bring together experts in different disciplines to collaborate on patient care and research.

Next, Nelson discusses a few cancers that seem to be on the rise. One of those being liver cancer. He believes liver cancer is one of the more common cancers and the common causes of cancer death throughout the world. Some of the liver cancer causes is due to diet, obesity and fatty liver.

Finally, based on a study published in the scientific journal, Science, Nelson reviews the idea of harvesting T cells in someone's tumor in the laboratory to control metastatic disease. Scientists are able to research what the T cells are recognizing in the cancer and why  some treatments work in some people's cancer and not in others.

Listen to the full podcast to hear all of the latest cancer news this month.

Program notes:

0:19 New bladder cancer center at Johns Hopkins
1:20 Cancer data worldwide
2:20 Liver cancer on the rise
3:20 Fatty liver
4:10 Modified measles vaccine to treat cancer
5:11 Can also change cell processes
6:09 Harvesting T cells
7:10 Cells in tumor
8:10 Disease stabilization
9:10 Scale up techniques
10:15 End