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Cancer Matters Home Research New therapies, clinical trials and innovations in lung cancer care mean “hope is on the rise”

New therapies, clinical trials and innovations in lung cancer care mean “hope is on the rise”

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“We are at a crossroads, a time of discovery that’s transforming the ways we manage lung cancer,” says radiation oncologist Russell K. Hales, M.D. of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center on the Johns Hopkins Bayview campus. “Lung cancer is simply not the same disease we had 10 years ago, in terms of the tools that we have available to help patients. “

Hales notes that, “Here at Johns Hopkins, we have over 25 clinical trials that evaluate innovative therapies in patients with lung cancer.  These therapies, if found to be effective, will become future therapies that benefit patients around the world.  But beyond these 25 clinical trials, we have hundreds of pre-clinical projects underway, by basic scientists, clinicians, and others, that are discovering new pathways to improve future therapies.”

All of those new research projects and findings mean that “hope is on the rise that new therapies will be available and with innovation, we can continue to improve outcomes in patients with lung cancer,” Hales says.  If you are a patient, or would like more information on management or treatments of lung cancer, call 410-955-LUNG.  To find clinical trials in which you might participate, use our search engine for cancer clinical trials and read the frequently asked questions about cancer clinical trials at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

Find out more from Dr. Hales about lung cancer, treatments for it, and innovative new research to help lung cancer patients in the free webinar, Lung Cancer: Serious Treatment for a Serious Cancer.