You need a companion on your cancer journey, and you can expect your spiritual emotions to change as your cancer changes, says Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Chaplain Rhonda Cooper. She offers these do’s and don’ts as a guide to what to ask for when you need spiritual help during your cancer treatment:

  • Don’t apologize for asking your support team to “just listen” to you.
  • Do let them know you need a companion, not a guide, on this journey.
  • Do be gentle with yourself during this difficult time.
  • Don’t feel you’ve lost hope. Borrow some hope from your support team.
  • Do be open to support from your family and friends.

Chaplain Cooper explains more in this video about spiritual care for cancer patients at the center:

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What to ask for when you need spiritual help in your cancer journey, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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