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Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology Ranked Top 10 in U.S.

The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Pediatric Oncology Program ranked #10 in U.S. News and World Report’s Best Hospitals for Pediatric Cancer list. It is the only pediatric cancer center or program in Maryland that received a top ranking. Cancer specialists surveyed in 2016, 2017 and 2018 continue to name Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Pediatric Oncology among the best in the country for treating challenging cancer cases. Here are the 15 areas Pediatric Oncology received the highest score of “Excellent:”


  • Five Year Cancer Survival
  • Bone Marrow Transplant and Bone Marrow Transplant Survival (particularly availability of transplant from unrelated donor.)
  • Nursing Care
  • Advanced Clinical Services (chemotherapy certified pharmacist, hematologist-oncologists managing care, pediatric child life specialists)
  • Infection Control (ability to prevent infections throughout hospital)
  • Clinical Support (pain management, ICU, counseling)
  • Specialized Clinics and Programs (programs for each cancer type)
  • Fulltime Subspecialists (multispecialty care, the cornerstone of the Kimmel Cancer Center)
  • Commitment to Best Practices
  • Commitment to Quality Improvement (analyzing data to improve treatments)
  • Active Fellowship Program: (training the next generation of pediatric cancer doctors
  • Active Clinical Research (clinical trials and bench to bedside research)
  • Help for Families (family support, social work, pediatric psychologists)
  • Enlisting Family Support in Structuring Care (parent advisory committees)
  • Advanced Palliative Care


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