V Foundation Recognizes Dr. Vered Stearns’ and Dr. Roisin Connolly’s Work with Grant from Stuart Scott Fund Memorial Cancer Research Fund

The V Foundation awarded Dr Vered Stearns and Dr Roisin Connolly a research grant from the Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund for their work on metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer in minority patients.

“The challenge is that even within a type of cancer there are multiple subtypes, and it is hard for one investigator or one cancer center to truly evaluate the value of new treatments or devices, especially benefits and risks to diverse populations,” said Stearns. “I am hopeful that by bringing together individuals from multiple disciplines and centers to provide the most robust evaluation of tumors and treatments, ensure diverse clinical trial enrollment and curate data from every individual, we will see robust improvements in cancer-related outcomes.”

Read more here: https://www.v.org/2020/vered-stearns-m-d/

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