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Cancer with Hope by Mike Armstrong


Cancer with Hope is now available via Johns Hopkins University Press

In the book, Mike Armstrong, a former top executive of several large US companies, chronicles his own experience with leukemia, prostate cancer, and associated illness to highlight the importance of maintaining hope and finding purpose when facing this terrible disease. In addition to life-threatening cancers, Mike survived multiple misdiagnoses, invasive surgery, near-fatal sepsis, and a crippling autoimmune disease, all while balancing family, life, and a dynamic career. Mike shares how lessons learned from growing up in hardscrabble Detroit and leading large corporations taught him the importance of hope and purpose, tools that proved invaluable throughout his cancer journey.

But this is more than the tale of one man's experience with cancer. Mike also shares stories of other cancer patients who, like him, have faced seemingly insurmountable odds yet managed to stay optimistic, maintain hope, and find purpose in life. He also offers useful advice from some of the world's top cancer specialists, all of whom believe in the importance of hope and the transformational nature of cancer.

Beyond providing inspiration and instruction to cancer patients, Cancer with Hope explores and describes how the unfathomable burden of cancer can reveal hidden potentials and new opportunities that seemed unattainable. It is an essential read for anyone on this difficult journey.

For more information or to purchase the book, visit here

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