Barbara Bates-Hopkins Receives Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Award

Congratulations to Barbara Bates-Hopkins, Community Health Educator, awarded a Johns Hopkins Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Award, which was presented virtually at Johns Hopkins’ 40th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration on January 14.

“I’m so humbled, blessed, and proud to be selected as one of eight recipients of the Johns Hopkins 2021 Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Award,” says Ms. Bates-Hopkins. “Our presence in Northeast and other public markets in Baltimore is where Johns Hopkins meets the community to provide resources and information. Our hope is that the individuals we interact with will receive pertinent educational materials, answers to questions from experts, and services or resources that will help them make positive behavioral changes for health. Day at the Market is helping to restore community confidence in Johns Hopkins as we contribute to boosting equity in the neighborhood.”

Read more about the tremendous contribution to the citizens of Baltimore Ms. Bates-Hopkins is making through her Day at the Market Program and more in our “Kimmel in the Community” issue of Promise & Progress.

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