Cancer Matters with Dr. Bill Nelson – Cancer Epigenetics

Cancer Matters with Dr. Bill Nelson – Cancer Epigenetics

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In this week's Cancer Matters podcast with Dr Bill Nelson, he speaks to Dr Stephen Baylin about his groundbreaking discoveries and research in the field of cancer epigenetics. In this preview they discuss the genesis of Dr Baylin's study of gene function. To listen to the  full podcast, click here: http://bit.ly/2xIYIkl

Epigenetic Drugs Reset Genes in Breast, Colon Cancers But Didn’t Shrink Tumors

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--Two clinical trials suggest promise for using these medications in combination with other cancer therapies Two clinical trials using combinations of drugs meant to change cancer epigentics —or the way tumors express genes — failed at shrinking colon and breast tumors. However, these trials open the door for others currently in the works to combine(...)