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Construction Workers Don Pink Hard Hats

Of all the hard hat colors to choose from, you wouldn't think construction workers would opt to wear pink ones.  But that's just what they did at Johns Hopkins to honor breast cancer awareness month.  Construction employees of EMCOR Group, Inc., a mechanical and electrical construction company, who are working at Hopkins on what is believed to be the largest hospital redevelopment project in the country, stood side-by-side with breast cancer survivors, physicians and nurses to form a human pink ribbon on the construction site of our new clinical towers.  Hats off to our construction workers -- thanks for helping us build a better future for cancer patients.

1 thought on “Construction Workers Don Pink Hard Hats”

  1. Thanks to these men (and women) for supporting one of the most important parts if cancer reasearch. Also cheers to Johns Hopkins for all they do to eradicate this scourge which has touched nearly all of us.

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