Elissa Bantug

Elissa Bantug

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corrine berg January 18, 2015 at 9:39 am

I read your article "Coping with the Physical and Emotional Effects of a Mastectomy". I certainly understand that everyone is different in the world of cancer. However, I think you missed stating that in your article. I had a mastectomy and while sitting up in bed took an effort and certainly I didn't lay on my stomach, the rest of what you are saying was not that terrible. I hope women don't avoid the surgery which may save their lives because of the horrors you describe. I didn't need help to use the bathroom, open a door, button my clothing or shampoo my hair. Any surgery comes with difficulties, but please don't lead women to believe they will be invalids. Please balance the reality of what could happen, but does not always happen for every patient.


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