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Seize the Days

Evan Lipson
Evan Lipson, M.D.

As an oncologist, I am privileged to care for people who are fighting cancer.  I'm also fortunate to see the interesting and meaningful ways my patients bring joy and satisfaction into their lives.   Some people strengthen relationships with loved ones, becoming ever closer with family and friends.  One man with lung cancer I spoke with is back in touch with his children after having been estranged for many years.  Other people concentrate on activism – starting foundations or fundraising.  Many derive fulfillment by creating something – art, poetry or music, perhaps.  I have started to collect stories from people who are living with cancer about the ways they "add life to their days."

One of my patients, Chris, is a three-time cancer survivor. He and his wife Jenny founded “Romance for a Cure,” an organization that raises money for cancer research by selling cookies, cakes and other treats every Valentine's Day. Or, as Chris calls it, “a bake sale on steroids.”

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3 thoughts on “Seize the Days”

  1. Truly inspiring movement.
    Romance for a cure has not only helped to raise funds but I believe, it has shown many in the world that family ties and support can help give the patient the strength and determination to fight any disease continue his or her journey of life

  2. I believe this is wonderful. I am very happy to hear about a physician who takes the time to listen to a patient's thoughts/ideas and actually collects stories to share with others. We can all learn from each other. I was touched after listening to Chris's story.

  3. There is no better therapy in dealing with illness than taking that step into the world to fight the disease, help prevent it, or help someone cope with it. Evan's website is providing an opportunity to, among other things, inspire people to find what their step into the world will be.

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