What is Hope?

Michelle Potter
Michelle Potter

What does it mean to have hope, to be hopeful? Each of us have our own very personal ways we might answer such a big question. But, what if you were a child with a cancer or a parent with a child who had cancer? What if you asked that question of a nurse or doctor who treats childhood cancer? Could we possibly expect them to be hopeful? The answers might surprise you and challenge what you may have come to expect about  pediatric cancers.   Each time I visit our pediatric oncology clinic or inpatient unit, I'm struck by how much hope there is. It's awe inspiring. Before I worked at Johns Hopkins, I couldn't imagine how a child or their family could cope with such an illness. Now, I know several patients -- survivors - they make me smile and give me hope -- not just because I want them to be OK, but because there is so much progress being made. Have we solved all the issues that children with cancer have? No way and sadly, not every child makes it. That's why we have to keep pushing, working hard for them and bringing more hope for tomorrow.

Do you have hope? Tell us why.

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