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One of Our Own

Evan Lipson
Evan Lipson, M.D.

Deb Stewart has battled breast cancer twice. A nurse by training, she now works with breast cancer survivors at the Avon Foundation Breast Center here at Johns Hopkins, lending her support and wisdom gleaned from experience. Her work is not only valuable to patients, it’s rewarding for Deb. Or, as she puts it, “You get more than you give.”

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2 thoughts on “One of Our Own”

  1. Deb has been my angel friend through all of my surgeries , lumpectomy and then mastectomies. She is compasionate and has worn my bra. Johns Hopkins Avon Breast Center is my choice for treatment since Deb is there.

  2. When I was diagnosed Debbie was one of the second person that I spoke with but she really put me at ease, listened to me cry and when my visit was done had put a smile on my face. During the course of my treatment, it was her words of encourgement that I remembered and used to keep a positive attitude. Debbie is truly a blessing to have both as a support to newly diagnosed patients and to those of us who are surviors.

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