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Surviving Cancer and Beyond

On June 2, the Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins will host its annual Cancer Survivors celebration in collaboration with National Cancer Survivor Day. This special day, attended by cancer survivors, their families, and our staff, is filled with inspiration.

One of the highlights of this day includes our motivating keynote speakers. Jason Cherish is one of these speakers.

When 30 year-old Jason Cherish was diagnosed with stage three colorectal cancer in 2011, he didn't want to survive it, he wanted to pummel it. Jason is equal parts adventurer, entrepreneur, and warrior.  He set out to teach cancer a lesson, and he will share his unorthodox and irreverent battle-tested playbook with us.

Hear more of his story below and join us on June 2 to hear the rest of his inspiring message.

1 thought on “Surviving Cancer and Beyond”

  1. Hearing Jason's testimony really touched my heart, being a stage three colon cancer overcomer myself- diagnosed October 2010 at 52. I would think that he would have many more inspirational words to share of his life and fight against cancer. Swim Across America -Making waves to Fight Cancer is awesome. I also swim and walk as my exercise.
    God Bless you Jason,
    Lilburn, Georgia

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