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What nutrition can contribute to your breast cancer treatment

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This is Part Two of a series on nutrition for breast cancer patients.

Nutrition is a vital component of your breast cancer treatment, says Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center nutritionist Mary Eve Brown. “Nutrition helps you maintain your weight and your strength during treatment,” she says.

Brown recommends partnering with a registered dietitian to manage your symptoms. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website,, lets you enter your zip code to find all the registered dietitians in your area, along with their specialty. A registered dietitian can help you come up with a food plan that lets you manage side effects while maintaining good nutrition, and you can find oncology dietitians.

You can find out more about nutrition and your breast cancer journey in Brown’s recent free webinar, What’s Food Got to Do With It? Eating Well Before, During and After Treatment.

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This blog post was prepared by Denise Graveline, a communications and social media consultant based in Washington, DC.

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