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Take a Step Toward Healthy Living AND Curing Cancer

**This blog post was written by Kimmel Cancer Center development specialist Allison Rich.

Here at the Kimmel Cancer Center, we are committed to keeping our promise towards progress in finding a cure. This year, we have decided to take this commitment a step further byGear Up Day for Ride to Conquer Cancer teaming up for the history-making Ride to Conquer Cancer.

In our desire to do our part to defeat this disease, it is easy to overlook the physical challenges associated with a two day, 150 mile cycling event. Curing cancer is not just a two day commitment – and neither is an athletic event like the Ride. While many of us have been touched by cancer in some way and would love to get involved, the reality is that most of us aren’t ready to cycle 150 miles at a moment’s notice. What makes this Ride unique is that, in exchange for your support of our work here at the Kimmel Cancer Center, we commit to support you with the tools you need to have a successful and healthy Ride experience. And with the recent burst of warm weather, what better time to grab our bikes and start training?

With the support of the Ride staff behind you, you won’t have to train alone. By teaming up with athletic groups, the Ride to Conquer Cancer can help direct you to the resources you need to train safely, avoiding injuries and unnecessary setbacks. While physical therapy is often associated with rehabilitation from injuries once they have already occurred, it can also be a vehicle for preventing injuries from happening in the first place. By partnering with the Ride to Conquer Cancer, the physical therapists will provide riders with access to specialized resources that can help them ride to victory. By analyzing movement patterns for indicators of deconditioning, physical therapists can identify training exercises that will be the most effective at restoring proper movement and building strength in each individual.

With these tools and resources available, there is no reason not to start mobilizing our friends, families, and communities for action. With Gear Up Day (and springtime weather!) just around the corner, it’s time for us to focus on one goal: to register and prepare to conquer cancer, together.

2 thoughts on “Take a Step Toward Healthy Living AND Curing Cancer”

  1. I would like to be a part of the initiative. Cancer is the most deadly and silent disease, such unique initiative help to create awareness among the people. We see people going into depression during their cancer treatment. It is the duty of the society to help them. Some people distribute medicines like olive leaf extract to the patients free of charge.

  2. Fighting cancer should not be a solitary battle. It is great effort to have a support group that is committed in helping. At least cancer patients can feel the support of like-minded individuals and socialize, preventing them from sinking into depression.

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