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Cycling 150 Miles to Conquer Cancer

Amber Warrington has seen the first hand advancements that take place at Johns Hopkins, as she works as a Administrative Supervisor in Medical Oncology. Unfortunately cancer became personal, when her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009, but Warrington knew her mother was in the right hands and would receive the best care possible.

Three years earlier, Warrington’s mother had lost her sister to brain cancer, and was determined to do whatever she could to beat cancer and be around for her children and grandchildren. Her family and the care team at Johns Hopkins became her support system as she began treatment. Aggressive chemotherapy was tough on her body and there were points where the family was unsure if she would make it. “My mom never complained and always wanted to know the truth,” said Warrington. Unfortunately, news came that the cancer had spread to her brain and radiation began.

The family decided they needed their mother to live life to her fullest, taking her on a cruise and hosting a big birthday party for her. “My mom was so surprised by everything we did for her and was so grateful to be around her family and friends,” says Warrington. “We knew mom wasn’t going to be able to fight this awful disease much longer, so we enjoyed every day we had with her.”

Sadly on June 23, 2012, she lost her battle. In her memory, Warrington wanted to continue to stay active and do something to make her mom proud. She has registered for the Ride to Conquer Cancer and will cycle 150 miles in September with a friend of hers.

“I’ve already raised over $1,500 by reaching out to my family and friends and I am surprised how easy the fundraising has been." Warrington has made a flyer that she can hand out to her network to explain The Ride, why she has decided to participate this year and ask for a donation.

“The support you receive motivates you to know that you can do this. You don’t have to be an athlete and everyone is there to help you along the way. I’m really looking forward to riding with so many people and making new friends along the route."

Warrington is determined to do her part in conquering cancer, so that others don’t have to lose their loved ones. “I know my mom would be proud of me for doing this and that continues to give me motivation to push forward.”

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  1. On September the 4th my dad was told he had lung cancer, September the 9th he had a biopsie, my sister and I took my dad for the results one week later and was given the heartbreaking news that my dad had small cell lung cancer that also has spread to his lymph nodes, the doctor told my dad it was very aggressive, I've done so much research on this type of cancer, and I've read nothing positive about small cell, my dad is only 59 years old he is my whole world,I cannot loose him, Is there any success story's with the exact cancer my dad has? If so please respond to this, I'm breaking down, I know I need to be strong for my dad but the thought of loosing him is unbearable, I can't live without him!!!!!!!

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