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Patients Kept Cozy This Winter

Through a grant from The Women's Board of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, selected Kimmel Cancer Center patients are receiving ChemoCozy jackets this winter. The fleece jackets, stylishly and thoughtfully designed by cancer survivor Greg Hamilton and his wife, provide easy access to peripherally and centrally-inserted intravenous lines, implanted devices and pockets for surgical drains.  “We are always so excited when we know patients will get a little comfort during their treatments,” says Greg.  Nurses in the Infusion Center and Inpatient/Outpatient Program are distributing the jackets to patients receiving chemotherapy who could most benefit from them.

_JRC8738"The Cancer Center is very grateful to The Women’s Board for making these jackets available to our patients, and to the Hamilton's," says Sharon Krumm, R.N., Administrator/Director of nursing at the Kimmel Cancer Center.

(Photo at left: The Hamilton's at the Kimmel Cancer Center presenting ChemoCozy's to Sharon Krumm, R.N.)

1 thought on “Patients Kept Cozy This Winter”

  1. What a wonderful and loving gift to Cancer Patients as they brave Chemo treatments and suffer from side effects. My husband is a Cancer Patient in Orlando, FL at Florida Hospital and certainly experienced the "cold" during chemo in spite of being in the South. Although Richard did not have the use of one of these jackets, we thank you especially on behalf of those patients who did receive this wonderful experience of being hugged by love during their treatments!

    We applaud Greg Hamilton and his wife for this ingenious design and for the Women's Board of the John's Hopkins Hospital for making it available! What a loving gift to offer forward! This certainly shows that Greg and his wife used what could have been a very bitter experience for GOOD and to share good with others. They are a great source of inspiration and love to others.

    May you all have a very Blessed Christmas and a Happy and HEALTHY New Year.

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