Conversation With Dr. Claire Snyder About Ensuring Cancer Patients Get Best Care Possible

“During my nearly 20 years as a cancer researcher, I have always been impressed by how both my oncology and primary care colleagues don’t just treat patients, they care for them. I see it as my job to do research to develop tools and resources to help oncology and primary care providers work together to ensure that patients with cancer receive the best care possible.”

Claire Snyder, Ph.D., professor of medicine in the division of general internal medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, spoke to The ASCO Post about how primary care providers are adapting to managing cancer care for their patients. As program director for Building Lifestyle, Outcomes and Care Research in Cancer at Johns Hopkins, her particular focus centers in two areas: (1) quality of life for cancer patients and (2) coordination of care between cancer specialists and primary care providers.

Read her question and answer session with The ASCO Post on ensuring quality with patient-reported outcomes and electronic health records:

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