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Washington Post Cancer Summit: A Silent Epidemic: The rise of HPV-related cancers

Akila Viswanathan, M.D., executive vice chair of Johns Hopkins Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences, was part of a panel discussion on the rise of HPV-related cancers. The panel was just one section of the Washington Post Cancer Summit. Viswanathan was joined by other experts in taking look at rising HPV-related cancer rates in the(...)

Why Do People Get Cancer?

Adult cancers tend to be a little different from childhood cancers, and trying to explain the disease to a young person adds to the separation. Dr. Donald Small, director of pediatric oncology at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, said cancer in children is rare, and most are treatable. But trying to explain a cancer(...)

Navy Social Worker Completes Johns Hopkins Training, Heads to Japan

A United States Navy social worker finished up her training at Johns Hopkins Hospital and will be heading off to Japan to showcase her new knowledge and serve the country. Lt. j.g. Caroline Potter, LMSW, was honored during a ceremony inside the Weinberg Center for completing her training to advance her Maryland social work license.(...)

Conversation With Dr. Claire Snyder About Ensuring Cancer Patients Get Best Care Possible

“During my nearly 20 years as a cancer researcher, I have always been impressed by how both my oncology and primary care colleagues don’t just treat patients, they care for them. I see it as my job to do research to develop tools and resources to help oncology and primary care providers work together to(...)