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Cancer Matters Home podcast Cancer Matters with Dr. Bill Nelson – Brain Cancer

Cancer Matters with Dr. Bill Nelson – Brain Cancer

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Our next podcast with Dr Bill Nelson is now available. Today, he speaks with neurologic oncologist Dr Byram Ozer about the multi-disciplinary approach to brain cancer at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington DC.

In this preview, Dr Ozer discusses how the potential side effects faced by patients with brain cancer are managed. To listen to the full podcast, click here:

1 thought on “Cancer Matters with Dr. Bill Nelson – Brain Cancer”

  1. Byram, very interesting. I will share this with my first cousin Craig Leach who is CEO of Torrance Memorial CA. They have entered into an association with Cedars Sanai Hospital to have their cancer patients treated through Cedars and in turn Cedars refers their heart patients to Torrance. Torrance has won quite a lot of recognition as one of the top hospitals in the country. Thank you and keep up the great work.
    Steve Meleen
    Childhood friend of your mom and Aunt Bonnie

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