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Appreciating Our Nurses

I read an article about a 10-year old boy who took all the money he had saved to purchase a Super Bowl ring from a retired NFL player. Imagine his delight to own such a rare commodity . I know grown men who would give up a limb for a trophy such as this .(...)

Teachable Moments

My role as a social worker in the cancer center can be very humbling at times to say the least. Complete strangers often share their intimate feelings during their darkest times, and they allow me to support them whether it be through a hug or an action-oriented task to solve a problem. It’s an honor(...)

Managing End-of-Life Care

This week, many media outlets have reported on findings from a recent study by researchers at Dartmouth College addressing the vast differences in end-of-life care for cancer patients in the U.S. The study addressed concerns that many patients may not receive appropriate end-of-life care, and this care depends heavily on where they are hospitalized.