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“My message to fellow health care professionals: Make the time …”

Amy Sales

Amy Sales, MSW, LCSW-C

Consider this blog to be a "pep talk" of sorts to those of you who are working so hard on a regular basis to support and help those living with cancer.  All great coaches and teachers lead by example.  You owe it to your patients, family, and most importantly yourself to exercise and eat right.

We work in a busy environment where time often moves at the speed of light.  Therefore, one may make the argument that there isn't enough time to dedicate to your health and well-being.  I am here today to challenge you on that notion.  There are 24 hours in a day and you CAN find 30 to 60 minutes to move.  I know, because I do it.  I am not going to mislead you, "making the time" can be difficult and the list of excuses are plenty.  But, the benefits far exceed the excuses .

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Science is Cool!

Whether it’s making a sticky, rubbery substance like Flubber, turning a clear solution blue, or figuring out how a normal cell turns into a cancer cell, it’s all science.

Those of us at the Kimmel Cancer Center think science is cool, and we’re hoping, with the right introduction, young students will begin to think so too; or a least become inspired to think about it a little more.

To help in this cause, each year, our doctors, researchers, and nurses host fifth graders from the East Baltimore Community School to give them a hands-on glimpse of what it’s like to be a scientist. The children conduct experiments and play games to learn about the kind of work researchers do.

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Students Offer Handmade Hope



Ivelisse Page

Ivelisse Page

This post is written by Shaun Morris, Public Relations Intern, Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center


The Gerstell Academy varsity girls’ basketball team delivered 50 hand-painted Believe Mugs to cancer patients and family members in the Weinberg Building on January 5th.

This is the first year that the students have delivered the mugs, expanding on the work of cancer survivor Ivelisse Page, food service manager at Gerstell. She created and delivered similar hand-painted mugs to fellow patients during her stay. The students hope to continue the mug delivery as an annual event.

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