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Strategies for staying the course

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***Note: This is the third of a four-part feature story, written by Elizabeth Huebeck. Read part one on Kristin's story and part two on cancer as a chronic disease. Accepting primary control of your disease As a patient, Kristin Franceschi has learned that sometimes, after receiving the best standard practices of standard care, the cancer may return(...)

The model patient for cancer as chronic disease

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***Note: This is the second of a four-part feature story, written by Elizabeth Huebeck. Read part one on Kristin's story. Statistics show that the five-year survival rate for people diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer is just 11 percent. Kristin Franceschi is beating the odds and now considers herself to be living with a chronic disease. As treatment modalities(...)

Kristin Franceschi hasn’t let Stage IV colon cancer slow her dance steps

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***This is the first of a four-part feature story, written by Elizabeth Huebeck. Read part two on cancer as a chronic disease, part three on Kristin's strategies for staying the course and part four on how Kristin monitors her health. About eight years ago, Kristin Franceschi—a tall, striking woman in her mid-fifties—began a new hobby that would(...)

Paying It Forward

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**This blog post was written by Kimmel Cancer Center development specialist Allison Rich. With August just around the corner, it is crucial that we pause and take stock of our progress towards the goals we hope to reach before the starting line on September 13th. For Michael Iati, the Senior Director of Architecture and Planning(...)

A toast to Ron Smith

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It is two years years ago today that legendary WBAL radio host Ron Smith died of pancreatic cancer. Ron's reach and impact as the "Voice of Reason" went far, but so do the efforts of his friends and family to fund research aimed at detecting pancreatic cancer at an earlier, treatable stage. On his blog, WBAL's Rob(...)

Bo’s Song: Brave and True

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Yesterday afternoon, singer Savannah Outen met Bo Oliver, a 16 year-old cancer patient at Johns Hopkins. She had spoken with him by phone a few times after learning about the Music is Medicine program, run by a group of Princeton students. The program encourages musicians to write and record songs for pediatric oncology patients, and proceeds(...)

Semi-Colon Club

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Coming up later this month is the 3rd annual Semi-Colon Crawl - a 5K walk here in the Baltimore area to spread the word about colon cancer. It's the brainchild of Edel Blumberg, who was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 47. Despite undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, the disease returned three years later. After another(...)