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Hope Matters

**This blog post was written by Elisabeth Carrino-Tamasi. Elisabeth is a Clinical Social Worker at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center at Sibley Memorial Hospital and the proud daughter of Dominic Carrino You have cancer.  Those three words turn the world upside down and leave patients, family members, and loved ones reeling from the news(...)

Surviving Survivorship Conference

Whether you have just been diagnosed with cancer, are currently undergoing treatment, or are in remission…. YOU are a cancer survivor!  This survivorship experience is unique for each cancer survivor and their caregivers.  Some are challenged by changes in appearance or physical abilities, by changes in priorities, or by changes in daily routines.  Others are(...)

Conquering Cancer on the Ride and on the Unit

**This blog post was written by Kimmel Cancer Center development specialist Allison Rich. There are as many reasons to gear up and join the Ride to Conquer Cancer as there are riders. Whether you are riding for the physical challenge, or are a cancer survivor yourself, each reason for riding paints a compelling picture of(...)

Cancer News Review

In this month's cancer news review podcast, Dr. William Nelson, director of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, discusses top cancer stories on a new bladder cancer center announced at Johns Hopkins, liver cancer on the rise, cancer cells in tumors and more. First, Dr. Nelson speaks on the announcement of a new bladder cancer(...)

Cycling 150 Miles to Conquer Cancer

Amber Warrington has seen the first hand advancements that take place at Johns Hopkins, as she works as a Administrative Supervisor in Medical Oncology. Unfortunately cancer became personal, when her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009, but Warrington knew her mother was in the right hands and would receive the best care possible.(...)

Cancer News Review

In this month's Cancer News Review podcast, Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Director Bill Nelson discusses the nation's top stories on cancer. First, Nelson discusses the issues surrounding whole genome sequencing to predict development of disease. Then, he explains how the HPV vaccine works and why it's important for young people to be vaccinated. Finally,(...)

Hormone Therapy Combined with Chemotherapy Increases Survival for Prostate Cancer Patients

Early results from a study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have shown that men with hormone-sensitive metastatic prostate cancer who have received a combination of the chemotherapy drug docetaxel and hormone therapy lived longer than patients who received hormone therapy alone. The study enrolled 790 men with metastatic prostate cancer who received(...)

Cancer News Review

In this month’s Cancer News Review podcast, Dr. William Nelson, director of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, discusses top cancer stories on research about diabetes drugs linked to pancreatic cancer, African American men with prostate cancer, patient-centered drug development, and the link between omega three fatty acids and breast cancer risk. First, on the(...)

If You Could Live Forever

Joining forces to beat childhood cancer and raise awareness, Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology, along with other cancer-related organizations, have been selected by World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation to receive a portion of the box-office proceeds from the North American release of the upcoming film, Ways to Live Forever. According to the film's trailer, "12-year old(...)

It’s a Win Win Situation

There was a single winner for the latest Powerball jackpot, but with Giant Food’s Triple Winner game, there are many winners.  For the past nine years, Giant Food has been offering customers the chance to donate $1 at their neighborhood Giant Food to receive a Triple Winner scratch card. Giant donates the proceeds from the campaign(...)